Sabtu, 12 November 2011

Jaguar XF-R an M5 Killer ?

Jaguar XF-R
We definitely don’t know if this new high-powered version of the award-winning XF can trump the BMW M5 as a driver’s car, but it’s definitely got the soon to be outgoing E60 M5 beat in the horsepower and torque department. The new Jaguar XF-R is powered by the new AJ-V8 Gen III engine that supercharges 5.0 liters of displacement in V8 configuration to produce 510 PS and 625Nm of torque.
Jaguar XF-R
Now this is definitely less than the twin-turbo RS6, but according to our track tester Harvinder who had a go at the RS6 on Sepang recently, the Audi offering is rather pudgy on the track. What will the new Jaguar XF-R be like? Will it be both nimble and quick or will it be an autobahn cruiser designed to go in straight lines very fast? We already know it does the whole straight line thing very well as Jaguar has officially announced the XF-R as the fastest Jaguar ever, as it can reach a top speed of 225mph, which is approximately 362km/h.
Jaguar XF-R
The top speed run was tested at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah using a Jaguar XFR prototype using a a remapped ECU, a modified air intake and exhaust system and revised supercharger settings. No internal engine components were changed and the 6-speed auto was kept standard, including the gear ratios. The standard production car will be limited to 155mph (250km/h), but you can already expect a slew of tuners who will have products to unleash a few horsepowers and Newton meters from the engine as well as get rid of the top speed limiter.
Jaguar XF-R
The Jaguar XFR goes from 0 to 100km.h in 4.9 seconds, but more importantly it has some decent overtaking abilities as 80km/h to 110km/h acceleration time only takes 1.9 seconds. The R car is equipped with a quicker steering rack, uprated brakes, and a new electronic Active Differential.

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